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10th Grade Confirmation (Year 2)

10th Grade Confirmation is the 2nd year of the Confirmation Preparation Program at St. Thomas Becket.  Students (regardless of grade) should complete the first year of the program before they enroll in the 2nd year.  (Exceptions are made for candidates whose families join the parish after their 9th grade year.)

All candidates need to re-register for Year 2 (even though you previously registered for Year 1).  Please click here to register!

Requirements for Year 2 Candidates

  • Attend the Year 2 Confirmation Retreat
  • Complete 2 acts of service
    • 1 of which is in service to STB
    • 1 of which is in service to your community
    • It is preferable for candidates to perform this service as part of their small group.  Small groups will be discussing and planning these service opportunities during Sunday night meetings.
  • Choose a Confirmation Name
    • Details given out at class in February
    • Due  by April 7, 2019 (not accepted before March 1st)
  • Submit your "Faith Story Reflection"
    • Details given out at class in March
    • May be written, or submitted as a video
    • Due by April 28, 2019
  • Meet expectations for class attendance


The fee for 10th Grade Confirmation is $200. This includes both the retreat and the program year. In previous years, the fee schedule for this program had been $85, and then the retreat was paid for later (at a cost of $125). With this current fee schedule, you save some money, and all costs are covered upfront. If a candidate is unable to attend the STB Confirmation Retreat, the parish will pay for the costs (up to $120) for them to attend an alternate retreat at another parish. 

As always, if fees are difficult for you, please contact us and we will work with you. We never want money to hinder with an opportunity to advance your teen’s personal and spiritual development.  Please contact Ed Overell (program coordinator) or Karen Maza (business manager) to discuss financial aid.

Calendar highlights for 2018\19

  • Sept. 23, 2018 - First class of the year
  • Fri. Nov. 2nd - Sun. Nov. 4th - STB Confirmation Retreat
    • FYI - District 196 has Friday Nov. 2 off of school.
    • It is expected that all candidates will attend this retreat. If you are aware of potential conflicts, please discuss them with Ed as soon as possible.
    • Remember,  the cost of the retreat is now part of the overall program fee, so there is no extra cost to you for the retreat
  • Tuesday May 28, 2019 - Confirmation Mass 7pm at St. Paul Cathedral.

We take seriously the opportunity to journey with your teen through the Confirmation process. Your teen’s presence adds to our community and we want to do all we can to make sure that they feel welcome to participate and grow into our community. Confirmation primarily is about introducing teens to the mission and life of the church through membership in our parish. We are excited for our youth to participate in our program.