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9th Grade Confirmation (Year 1)

Year 1 of Confirmation Preparation begins in February of the 9th Grade Year, and runs into early May.   (For an explanation of our reasons for waiting until February to begin classes, please read this)

To register for 9th Grade Confirmation, please click here.

The first year includes the following:

  • A "Welcome Meeting" for candidates and parents in January
  • 4 small group meetings (Sun nights 6:00-7:30pm)
  • An event for candidates and their sponsors in April\May
  • A 1-on-1 meeting for each candidate with Ed (program coordinator)

Classmate Requests

Each incoming 9th grade candidate may request 1 fellow candidate who they would like to be placed in a small group with.  If the requests submitted are mutual, then those candidates will be placed together in a small group.
Small group leaders\Catechists are usually allowed to make 1-2 additional requests for students they would like to have placed in their small group.

Please submit requests here

Sponsor Information

9th grade candidates can enter the contact information of their sponsor by clicking here.

9th Grade Confirmation Calendar 2018

  • Jan. 2018 - Welcome meeting(s) for parents & candidates
  • Feb. 25th, 2018 - First Class
  • March 4th, 18th, & April 22nd 2018 - Classes #2-4 take place (4 total)
  • April 15th or May 6th, 2018 - Candidate\Sponsor Event (Sun. afternoon from 1:00-2:30)

All Sunday evening classes meet from 6:00 - 7:30pm