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Middle School Faith Formation

At St. Thomas Becket, we aim for our Middle School Faith Formation program to engage the youth of our parish in learning about their faith, connect to their faith in a personal way, build connections and relationships with fellow parishioners both youth and adult, and have fun with their time spent at church.


  • Classes will run from 7:30pm - 8:30pm (not 8:45!)
  • Each night will now be either 1) a Large Group Night, or 2) a Small Group Night.
  • More information on curriculum will be available in September.  If you have questions about curriculum now, please contact Ed (see contact info in sidebar to the right).
    • Large Group
      • We'll have Large Group nights about once a month.
      • Large group nights will entail all youth in grades 6-7 remaining together for the whole hour (or at least most of the hour).
      • These nights will be like a classic "Youth Group" night.  We'll have games, music, snacks, some kind of presentation or talk about a topic for the night, and a chance for some discussion.
    • Small Group
      • Small Group nights will see youth remain with their small group for the whole hour.
      • Small groups will share about what's been going on in the past week, any God Sightings they've experienced, and any fun stories.   Then they'll talk about their topic for the night, which could include music, activities, games, videos, and other elements.
      • We hope that Small Groups will become a safe and fun place for our middle school youth to build positive relationships with peers and adult mentors, further develop a personal relationship with God, and become more deeply connected to our parish as they walk in their journey of faith.